12 August 2013

Ashton Kutcher's Speech On The Teen Choice Awards

I came across this very poor quality YouTube video of Ashton Kutcher accepting some award that is of no consequence on the Teen Choice Awards. It's worth watching.

I'll give you that the first 90 seconds are rough -- with all of the annoying screaming and all -- but push through it. Trust me.

I must admit that, prior to watching this video, if you had said to me, "hey dude, check out this video of Ashton Kutcher -- this guy is smart!", I would have told you that you were out of your damn mind. I've never like Kutcher, or much of his work.

I will freely admit that I now have a lot more respect for the guy. I'm not going to watch "Two And A Half Men" (that show is awful), but I had no idea that Kutcher was anything more than a "Punk'd" bit waiting to happen.

His three tenets -- Opportunity, Sexiness, and Living Life -- are spot-on. Particularly the bit about opportunity. Too many folks these days are "better than" certain things, especially jobs. "Opportunity looks a lot like work." Indeed it does folks. Indeed it does.

Kudos to you, Chris.

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