29 March 2012

Donald Trump Loves Hillary Clinton

Speaking to Fox News' Greta VanSusteren, The Donald professes his fondness for the Secretary of State -- and won't rule out supporting her (if she were to run again in 2016):

Hillary Clinton, I think, is a terrific woman. I mean, I'm a little biased because I've known her for years.... I think she really works hard, and I think she's -- again, she's given an agenda, it's not all of her -- but I think she really works hard, and I think she does a good job, and I like her.


I don't want to get into this, because I'll get myself into trouble, but I just like her. I like her, and I like her husband..... He's a really good guy, and she's a really good person and woman.
Tell me people, how is it that this man has ANY credibility with politicos? Why were the Republican candidates clamoring for his endorsement earlier this year? Sh*t, many other Republicans were clamoring for him to run against President Obama! And he thinks "she does a good job" -- Hillary Clinton.

Do you hear this Republicans? Wow.

Anyone who takes this One Man Publicity Stunt seriously should have their head examined.

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