30 June 2010

'On And On'

A brutal, yet extremely effective ad against Mark Kirk (R-Il) by his opponent Alexi Giannoulias (D).

Back From The Beach

...and I'll admit it, I don't want to be.

Despite this, we did have a great week at the Jersey shore. My family has been heading to Ocean City, New Jersey nearly every summer since I was but a wee lad. And in all of that time, I cannot remember when the weather was better than that which we had last week.

The Girl:

The air temperature fluctuated between the mid-80s and high-90s all week, but with the offshore breeze hitting the beach, even the hottest of days felt pleasant. The water temperature was in the mid-60s, but felt fine once you got used to it. The waves were relatively small, but that is normal for the Jersey shore.

The Boy:

On Thursday afternoon, my younger brother and his fiance tied the proverbial knot on the beach at 59th Street. The gross irony is that, while the rest of the week was sunny and relatively clear, it decided to rain on us at 5:00 p.m. on the day of the ceremony (which was supposed to take place at 5:30 p.m.).

Here is a shot of my brother on the beach beneath the gathering storm clouds on the big day, texting his bride-to-be:

The good news is that we were able to pull off the whole thing without getting too wet. We moved all of the guests and props underneath a public pavilion/gazebo nearby -- that still had a beach/ocean view. As soon as the ceremony ended, a rainbow materialized over the beach, just in time for wedding pictures.

All in all it was a superb week of family, fun, sun, waves, salt air and good times. If you missed it, I twittered the entire trip, starting here.

It's good to be back into our routine, but I would be completely dishonest if I said that I didn't want to buy a house at the shore...

Photos: me

Elena Kagan's Humor

Charming. To the last.

Mmmm. Lunch.

If you are unfamiliar, you can check out some more Ladysmith Black Mambazo here.

29 June 2010


Really Rick Barber? Slavery?

Quote Of The Day

"We contracted with Research 2000 to conduct polling and to provide us with the results of their surveys. Based on the report of the statisticians, it's clear that we did not get what we paid for. We were defrauded by Research 2000, and while we don't know if some or all of the data was fabricated or manipulated beyond recognition, we know we can't trust it. Meanwhile, Research 2000 has refused to offer any explanation. Early in this process, I asked for and they offered to provide us with their raw data for independent analysis -- which could potentially exculpate them. That was two weeks ago, and despite repeated promises to provide us that data, Research 2000 ultimately refused to do so. At one point, they claimed they couldn't deliver them because their computers were down and they had to work out of a Kinkos office. Research 2000 was delivered a copy of the report early Monday morning, and though they quickly responded and promised a full response, once again the authors of the report heard nothing more.

While the investigation didn't look at all of Research 2000 polling conducted for us, fact is I no longer have any confidence in any of it, and neither should anyone else. I ask that all poll tracking sites remove any Research 2000 polls commissioned by us from their databases. I hereby renounce any post we've written based exclusively on Research 2000 polling." -Markos Moulitsas, founder and editor of the DailyKos.


A Mustang That Gets Good Gas Mileage

6-cylinder, 305 horsepower V6 engine + 1,457 laps on a 1/2 mile track = 48.5 mpg fuel consumption.

... from a Mustang. Really?
The 2011 Ford Mustang, which made history when it became the first car ever to deliver more than 30 mpg and 305 horsepower, has set a new record by running 1,457 laps at Bristol Motor Speedway while averaging 48.5 mpg.

The Mustang 1,000 Lap Challenge was designed to demonstrate that a stock production Mustang V-6 could run 1,000 laps and 533 miles on a single of tank of fuel. With the aid of fuel efficient driving techniques by Ford engineers, the Mustang far surpassed its goal of 1,000 laps.

“To see a Mustang post average fuel economy of 48.5 mpg while running at Bristol is impressive,” said Dave Pericak, Mustang chief engineer. “The new V-6 engine along with the advanced six-speed transmission in the car is a key element in delivering both fuel economy and performance for Mustang.”
Not. Too. Shabby.

Postscript: I would still rather drive one of these Mustangs....

Head nod: Instapundit

Photo: Paul Webb

Yeah, So I missed This Yesterday

Senator Robert Byrd (D-Wv) passed early on Monday morning at the age of 92.

You should read this.

Photo: Lauren Victoria Burke/AP

Russian Spies Nabbed By FBI

What the what?
An F.B.I. investigation that began at least seven years ago culminated with the arrest on Sunday of 10 people in Yonkers, Boston and northern Virginia. The documents detailed what the authorities called the “Illegals Program,” an ambitious, long-term effort by the S.V.R., the successor to the Soviet K.G.B., to plant Russian spies in the United States to gather information and recruit more agents.

The alleged agents were directed to gather information on nuclear weapons, American policy toward Iran, C.I.A. leadership, Congressional politics and many other topics, prosecutors say. The Russian spies made contact with a former high-ranking American national security official and a nuclear weapons researcher, among others. But the charges did not include espionage, and it was unclear what secrets the suspected spy ring — which included five couples — actually managed to collect.
... like a novel, you say?
Criminal complaints filed in Federal District Court in Manhattan on Monday read like an old-fashioned cold war thriller: Spies swapping identical orange bags as they brushed past one another in a train station stairway. An identity borrowed from a dead Canadian, forged passports, messages sent by shortwave burst transmission or in invisible ink. A money cache buried for years in a field in upstate New York.
Really? Is this the f**king Hunt For Red October?

Nah. And, the whole thing seems pretty low-tech. Doc Joyner agrees:
While there's doubtless some minor intelligence value to developing relationships with these people, this information is, again, so readily available as to make using surreptitious methods to uncover it farcical. Read the blogs and op-ed pages!

Amusingly, the Globe and Mail reports, at least four of the eleven arrested "stole identities of deceased Canadians.
Plus, the Cold War ended in the 90s folks. Welcome to the "new"(ish) millennium.

'Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows'

Sweet. Also looking, err, interesting: The Green Hornet.

18 June 2010

And We're Off...

The Pajama Family is off to the beach. You won't see much activity here for about 10 days or so. Keep an eye on the Twitter-stream in the right sidebar, or follow the feed here.

Have a great week, and I'll catch you all on the flip-side.

17 June 2010

Quote Of The Day II

"The oil spill in the Gulf is this nation’s largest natural disaster and stopping the leak and cleaning up the region is our top priority. Congressman Barton’s statements this morning were wrong. BP itself has acknowledged that responsibility for the economic damages lies with them and has offered an initial pledge of $20 billion dollars for that purpose." -House GOP Leaders John Boehner, Eric Cantor, & Mike Pence, Republicans from Ohio, Virginia and Indiana respectively, in reaction to Rep. John Barton's comments earlier today.

Matthews On The "New" Right

Chris Matthews & company discuss the "new" right.

To which, some Tea Party groups have objected:
A coalition of Tea Party groups is slamming MSNBC’s Chris Matthews for his “left-wing propaganda hit piece” documentary on the Tea Party movement and is calling on sponsors to drop his show.

MSNBC aired “The Rise of the New Right,” hosted by Matthews, Wednesday night.

The National Tea Party Federation, a broad coalition of Tea Party groups that offer rapid response to attacks on the movement, condemned the documentary as “journalism at its worst” whose “purpose was to demonize and misrepresent.”

“Chris Matthews and MSNBC have just delivered one of the most dishonest pieces of propaganda posing as journalism in American broadcast and cable television history,” said National Tea Party Coalition co-founder Michael Patrick Leahy.
Well, I'd hardly say that it is worthy of calling MSNBC's sponsors -- but go ahead and knock yourself out guys.

Who Makes Up The Tea Party Movement?

A reader at The Daily Dish complains that Sullivan is painting with strokes that are too broad:
Quit classifying the whole tea party movement as people who stood by when Bush and his thugs shit on the Constitution. They say the tea parties actually grew out of the 2008 campaign of Ron Paul - someone who was very critical of Bush and his totalitarian ways. There is also a new show that many people are labeling as the tea parties' own TV show: Freedom Watch, hosted by Judge Andrew Napolitano. He is a guy who criticized Bush and his horrendous civil liberty and spending policies.

Not all the Tea Party people are only in it to be anti-Dem or anti-Obama. You and much of the media are trying to create a false narrative that groups the whole movement into a group of Bush-loving racists. Do not forget there is a libertarian wing, and it is the most honest group of people out there. They are principled, and the R or D in front of a politicians name means nothing to them. Please acknowledge this and quit stereotyping such a large and diverse group of people.
While I completely understand and sympathize with this reader's view, I think that the damage may already be done.

I remember waaaaay back in 2008, a then-mostly-unheard-of candidate by the name of Ron Paul was raising then-mostly-unheard-of amounts of money on the Internets. They were calling his campaign the "rEVOLution", and it was raising millions of campaign dollars for his presidential bid.

The major difference is that, in that ancient time, the rhetoric was similar, but had a very different tone to it.

In 2008, I never rarely ever heard a Ron Paul supporter (pronounced "libertarian" conservative) yelling about socialism, Marxism, communism, Stalinism, fascism or any other type of -ism. In short, the debate was about the issues, not about the person or their politics.

In the current incarnation of the Tea Party movement, the rhetoric has grown increasingly toxic. To those who would argue that 'a sleeping giant has been awakened', I say "maybe". But, this 'sleeping giant' must deal with a lot of fringy-racist extremities. To ignore that would be akin to suicide...

To me, a true Tea Party movement would have very little (if anything) to do with social issues such as abortion or gay marriage. Small 'l' libertarians just want to live their lives in peace without intrusion from the federal government. And yet, you see some of these Tea Party folks showing up to protest opposition to Prop 8 in California, or the construction of a mosque in New York City. Not because it is government intrusion (it's a private construction project), but because -- *GASP* -- some Muslims want to try to encourage peace and understanding with their neighbors in the Big Apple.

That doesn't sound like libertarianism to me.

More to my point, who comprises the Tea Party? If the loudest and most powerful voices in the movement are going to be relegated only to 'real' Americans like Sarah Palin, then I think that Sullivan and others have a legitimate gripe.

But, if people like Ron Paul can wrestle the reins back from social-conservatives-dressed-up-as-libertarians, then Sullivan's reader has won this argument.

If the Tea Party is more than just a movement for former Bush supporters, Evangelicals and idiots who think that the Joker was a socialist, then it can (and will?) continue to gain momentum. However, if conservatives with true libertarian leanings do not draw a very important line in the sand, the Tea Party movement could simply be assigned the unfortunate moniker, "Republican Party II".

Photo: Bill Bruss of Winfield, Illinois, gives away plastic bags in the vendor area at the first ever Tea Party Nation Convention in Nashville, Tennessee. (Ed Reinke/AP)

Mashing More Toy Story

A mash-up of Toy Story and The Wire. It's not quite as well-done as this one, but it's still interesting to juxtapose these two very different forms of entertainment.

Head nod: Kottke

Quote Of The Day

"I’m speaking totally for myself, I’m not speaking for the Republican Party, I’m not speaking for anybody in the House of Representatives but myself. But I’m ashamed of what happened in the White House yesterday. I think it is a tragedy of the first proportion that a private corporation can be subjected to what I would characterize as a shakedown, in this case a $20 billion shakedown — with the Attorney General of the United States who is legitimately conducting a criminal investigation and has every right to do so to protect the interests of the American people — participating in what amounts to a $20 billion slush fund that is unprecedented in our nation’s history, that’s got no legal standing, which I think sets a terrible precedent for the future.

If I called you into my office, and I had the subcommittee chairman Mr. Stupak with me, who was legitimately conducting an oversight investigation on your company, and said if you put so many millions of dollars in a project in my congressional district, I could go to jail and should go to jail. Now, there is no question that British Petroleum owns this lease, that BP made decisions that objective people think compromise safety. There is no question that BP is liable for the damages. But we have a due process system where we go through hearings, in some cases court cases, litigation and determine what those damages are and when those damages should be paid.

So I’m only speaking for myself, I’m not speaking for anybody else, but I apologize, I do not want to live in a country where anytime a citizen or a corporation does something that is legitimately wrong is subject to some sort of political pressure that is again in my words amounts to a shakedown. So I apologize." -Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX), during a hearing of the House Energy and Commerce Committee this morning.

16 June 2010

Tweet(s) Of The Day

"This is easily the smartest political leader I have ever seen, as good a political public speaker as I've heard, + last October I was privileged along with 11 other newspeople to spend 2 hours with him as he showed extemporaneous mastery of every one of two dozen topics fired at him by us in random order. I left the room wondering if we had ever before actually elected a president who was one of the 1,000 smartest people in the country (or maybe 100, or 10) as we had now. I believe in him and in his presidency and he has frequently achieved success (in health care reform, particularly) by doing that for which I criticized him. I hope that is again the case now because the Gulf Speech was not up to his standards nor did it express his mastery of policy. And if you will stop watching because I said this, I'll be very sorry, but you will have been watching for the wrong reason. I am not, have not been, and will not be, any politician's, nor any president's, spokesman." @KeithOlbermann, as compiled by The Huffington Post, in reaction to President Obama's speech last night.

Emphasis mine.

Ron Paul, Sarah Palin And The Tea Party Movement

Via Doug, we have a very interesting juxtaposition between a highly intelligent and informed Congressman, and, errr, Sarah Palin.

I may not always agree with Ron Paul, but at least he know that about which he speaks.

Closing Arguments – Prop 8

image Today in the Federal 9th Circuit court, the closing arguments in Perry v. Schwarzenegger will be heard. I don’t expect Judge Walker to actually rule on the case for some time.

A week or so ago Walker issued a list of questions to both sides, who have now submitted their responses.

Plaintiff's Response

Defendant’s Response

From the responses to the questions we can get a sense of the arguments that both sides are going to make in their closing remarks.

Those who support Prop 8 continue to rely heavily on the claim that the state has an inherent interest in making sure that marriage is about procreation, that marriage is nothing more than a means for creating babies. It sort of goes back to the Christian idea that sex shouldn’t be for pleasure, that it’s only purpose is to reproduce. Unfortunately that idea has always been contrary to human nature.

They also cling to to the idea that marriage has always been between a man and woman, but to believe that is to ignore thousands of years of history and the cultures of civilizations, some of which helped lay down the very foundations that make up the idea of Democracy, such as Ancient Greece. Even the Roman Emperor Nero was married to another man. Homosexuality and same sex marriage weren’t outlawed in the Christian controlled lands of the Eastern Roman Empire until the 5th Century and there have been many other civilizations since then that have had recognized and legal forms of same sex relationships.

Plaintiff's will argue that harm is done to families of same sex couples by ban’s on marriage equality. There is significant evidence of this, from discrimination faced by same sex parents and their children, to the extra costs associated with the legal contracts that same sex couples have to establish in order to secure even a small portion of the rights that marriage brings to a family, contracts that are easily and often overturned by other family members intent on not accepting the same sex couple’s love.

And while I’m fairly confident that Judge Walker will rule that Prop 8 violates the US Constitution, that conclusion is not a given, and no mater how he rules, the matter will be far from resolved. The ruling will undoubtedly be appealed no mater what, which would presumably take the case all the way to the US Supreme Court. Which leads to concern in regards to the conservative leaning court and the possibility of setting the march to equality back decades.

But there is hope. Attitudes are changing, especially among the young. More and more of us are refusing to stand locked in a closet. We live our lives openly in order for our friends and neighbors to get to know us. So that they can see that our lives are no different than theirs, that we not the monsters that groups like the National Organization for Marriage, or NARTH, or Mass Resistance claim that we are. We are simply American’s who deserve the right to live our lives as our own.

Update: Supporters of Prop 8 have filled a motion with the court to have the approximately 18,000 same sex marriages that were performed during the few months that it was legal in California declared void.

15 June 2010

Rick Santorum Headed To Iowa (Again)

It's Rick Santorum versus Newt Gingrich in the play-coy-about-running-for-president contest:
Former Sen. Rick Santorum, who is seriously considering a bid for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, announced Tuesday that he will visit Iowa next week to deliver two speeches and attend a fundraiser for a state Senate candidate.

It will be the Pennsylvania Republican's third visit in the past nine months to this important presidential proving ground.

"Each time I visit the Hawkeye state, I am struck by how concerned Iowans are about the state of our nation," said Santorum, who lost re-election in 2006. "They are fired up about the mid-term elections and engaged about what can be done to return our country back to the road of fiscal discipline and economic prosperity."
Man, I hope he runs for president. I really do. It would be great to watch him get crushed by the field of other Republican candidates.

Quote Of The Day

"When you look at this administration, I'm offended by Eric Holder and the president, also, their posture. It looks like Eric Holder said that white people in America are cowards when it comes to race. And I don't know what the basis of that is, but I'm not a coward when it comes to that, and I'm happy to talk about these things and I think we should. But the president has demonstrated that he has a default mechanism in him that breaks down the side of race — on the side that favors the black person." -Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa), on G. Gordon Liddy's radio show yesterday.

Photo: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images

The Obama Stress Head

Nothing says, "I hate the President" like a hand-sized doll that you can crush with all of your anti-Obama anger. From the Weekly Standard:
Go ahead. Give the Commander in Chief a big squeeze. With our soft, mushy Obama Stress Head, you can crush those half-baked liberal ideas before they do any more damage. Plus... you can build up an iron grip at the same time. Pin his ears back, turn that smile upside down. Come on... you know you want to.
Well, you have to give 'em points for creativity, right?

Head Nod: Greg Sargent

Questioning Rand Paul's Board Certification (UPDATED)

Ask a question of candidate Paul-The-Younger, and you get some back-talk?
U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul says he is a "board-certified" ophthalmologist -- even though the national clearinghouse for such certifications says he hasn't been for the past five years.

Rand Paul, who practices in Bowling Green, says he is certified by the National Board of Ophthalmology, a group that he incorporated in 1999 and that he heads.

But that entity is not recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties, which works with the American Medical Association to approve such specialty boards.


The Courier-Journal began seeking comment from Paul Tuesday. When the newspaper tried to interview him at two Louisville events Saturday, he wouldn't comment.

"I'm not going to go through all that right now," Paul said while at the Great Eastern National Gun Day Show and JAG Military Show, in Louisville.

Asked when he would talk, Paul said: "Uh, you know, never. ... What does this have to do with our election?"
Oh, come on Rand! You are not helping your cause by being snarky with the media. Who is advising this guy?

Look, I get it; you don't want to go into all of the minutiae that is involved when discussing the myriad of circumstances that led to your decision to let your American Board of Ophthalmology certification lapse (chiefly, that you are certified by the National Board of Ophthalmology, which you founded).

BUT, refusing to ever answer that type of question will likely breed distrust amongst your would-be-constituents. Coming off of your comments regarding the Civil Rights Act, I would be as open and honest as possible, whenever possible.

UPDATE:: Rand Paul responds:
Paul said he disagreed with the American Board of Ophthalmology's decision to "grandfather" in older doctors when it began requiring doctors certified after 1992 to be recertified every 10 years.

"In my protest to the American Board, I asked, 'If the ABO thinks that qualify of care would be improved by board testing every decade, shouldn't this apply to all doctors, not just those of a certain age? In fact, many of us argue that the older ophthalmologists need recertification even more since they are more distant from their training,'" Paul said in the statement to the Washington Post
Head nod: Doug

'Gather. Your. Armies.'

A controversial political ad in a Republican run-off race in Alabama.
Rick Barber, an Alabama tea partier running for Congress in the Second District Republican run-off, told me this morning that his controversial new television ad -- which features images of pistols, calls for impeachment and a founding father calling on conservatives to "gather" their "armies" against the IRS -- is being misunderstood by critics.

"They need to not look so deep into things," Barber told me when I asked about his response to people who might say the ad might suggest he's calling for an actual revolution rather than an electoral one. "It's definitely not an inciteful call to arms."
I'm not sure that I see it as a blatant "call to arms" against the government -- but I have little doubt that some in the Tea Party movement will take it that way. The part that I found most interesting is that in which Mr. Barber says, "...and I would impeach him", presumably referring to President Obama. But on what grounds does Mr. Barber make this assertion?

Head nod: LGF

14 June 2010

Happy Birthday Day Wishes our friend Paul, the creative mind behind Cerebral Itch.

At the risk of looking ridiculously cheesy and unoriginal, I have a birthday card for Paul, created by him:

The inside of the card after the jump...

Happy Flag Day

Happy Flag Day!

Quote Of The Day

...that will make your jaw drop (it did mine):

"Many of the “cool” Republicans disdain her. You know the type of Republican I mean: the type that wants the party to drop abortion and other icky, discomforting issues. But, if entrepreneurial capitalism’s your thing, Palin is your woman, or at least someone to appreciate. She ought to have the appreciation of the entrepreneurially minded everywhere. It’s just that some people can never forgive her for not aborting a Down-syndrome child. Believe me, I know such people (I’m sorry to say)." -Jay Nordlinger, writing at NRO, explaining why critics of Sarah Palin are so tough on her; because we don't understand why she "let" her baby live.

Un. Believable.

Congressman Bob Etheridge Attacks College Student (UPDATED)

Wow. Two thoughts:

1) What's with the "hug" at the end of the clip? The Congressman seems to be trying to show the kid's face to the camera, but in the process it looks like he is attempting to show affection.

2) In the opening seconds of the clip, the question/answer is posited, "What happens when a U.S. Representative meets a college kid on the street in Washington? He goes berserk!" While I understand the reasoning for the dramatic question and answer, this is surely a very rare occurrence. The authors of the video make it seem as if any U.S. Representative would react in this manner -- and of course that is simply not the case.

You can see a couple of different camera angles here. Question: will the college guy press charges? If so, will they stick? I'm going to defer to those with backgrounds in law, but it appears to me that this kid has a legitimate complaint on his hands, if he were to pursue legal action.

At the very least, Congressman Etheridge will likely have a re-election problem on his hands...

Head nod: CollegePolitico

UPDATE:: The congressman (not surprisingly) issues an apology:
I have seen the video posted on several blogs. I deeply and profoundly regret my reaction and I apologize to all involved. Throughout my many years of service to the people of North Carolina , I have always tried to treat people from all viewpoints with respect. No matter how intrusive and partisan our politics can become, this does not justify a poor response. I have and I will always work to promote a civil public discourse.
Still, nasty. He's going to be doing damage control for some time the rest of his political career.

...and I added the 'mea culpa' tag.

R.I.P. Jimmy Dean

From the WaPo's aptly named "Post Mortem" blog:
Jimmy Dean, 81, the country singer and television personality who parlayed his show-business earnings into a second successful career marketing breakfast sausages, died Sunday at his Henrico County home.

During the 1950s, Mr. Dean was the voice of country music for most Washingtonians. He lived in Arlington and broadcast locally before making a name with his CBS television show, "Country Style."

Like many country performers, he found his way into broadcasting as a way to promote his live performances, but unlike most he was both telegenic and media-savvy. "Country Style" was recorded locally at WTOP-TV beginning in 1957. It featured country performers such as Johnny Cash and Virginia's Patsy Cline as well as such jazz singers Billy Eckstine and Mel Torme.


But Jimmy Dean is perhaps best known for his brand of sausages, which found their way onto the breakfast tables of a generation of Americans. His knowledge of broadcasting and advertising undoubtedly helped in the enterprise. By the 1990s, a conservative estimate of Mr. Dean's fortune from his sausage empire and other business interests was $75 million.
What baffles me is that nowhere in McArdle's pre-obituary is there any mention of my favorite Jimmy Dean role: Willard White:

That's some great acting right there.

Oh, and there's also Mr. Dean's breakfast food -- of which I am a huge fan. The good ones, not the crappy ones.


Well, happy trails Jimmy Dean. I hope you are sitting down to some pre-made breakfast sandwiches with the Big Guy Upstairs now.

Photo: Jimmy Dean prepares for a taping of his television show in 1964 (Associated Press)

Rude On BP

Some, errr, interesting commentary by one Rude Pundit:
On the Oil Spill, "Make It Right" Is Meaningless:
Could BP (or everyone else) stop pretending like there is any way to "make this right." There's no way to make it right. Ever. Tony Hayward could go door to door along the Gulf Coast, giving blow jobs and eating pussy until his jaw is distended and his belly is bloated, and BP wouldn't even have gotten started on making it right. You can't. What's going to happen over the next couple of months is going to upend industries, towns, states, and cultures. Make it right? How about just shutting the fuck up and working?
Heh. STFU and work. Is it me, or could that the most fantastic campaign slogan ever?

"Vote for [candidate]. He/she will shut the f**k up and work."

13 June 2010

Sunday Morning Music

From the same immensely creative duo that brought us that fantastic cover of Beyonce's "Single Ladies".

Pomplamoose's "Another Day" is a great combination of catchy pop, rhythm & blues and damn-good musicianship. When watching Jack and Nataly perform their videosongs, the viewer is able to get a real sense of the fun that they have making music.

12 June 2010

Saturday Morning Cartoon

Finish up those Cocoa-Krispies -- it's cartoon time!

11 June 2010

Quote Of The Day


"[T]he two-party system does not work in terms of providing clear choices. No matter who wins, the same permanent factions that control Washington continue to reign. That's true no matter which issues one considers most important. At some point, it's going to be necessary to sacrifice some short-term political interests for longer-term considerations about how this suffocating, two-party monster can be subverted." -Glenn Greenwald, writer and blogger at, in an interview with The Atlantic's Conor Friedersdorf.

A Couple Of Things That America Got Right

Cars and freedom. Take that, Aston Martin.

I have to admit, the Dodge Challenger is simply a bad-ass vehicle. Period.

Postscript: I wonder what it would have been like on the battlefield of the Revolutionary War if a bunch of black muscle cars had appeared on the side of the rebels. Can you imagine the sheer terror that the colonial British would have experienced? I mean, it's akin to us watching a grotesque alien emerge from a flying saucer and enslave the human race, no?

Alvin Greene: Too Good To Be True?

He may have won the primary election on Tuesday, but it appears that Alvin Greene could also be a short-lived nominee:
[T]hree different teams of experts in election data analysis are combing through the results in the state’s 46 counties and already turning up some eye-opening trend lines.

The review is in response to the shocking victory by 32-year-old Alvin Greene, who, despite never giving a campaign speech or running any television or radio ads, managed to handily defeat Rawl 59 percent to 41 percent. The state party chairwoman has already asked Greene to step aside, and Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.) has speculated that he might be a Republican plant.

Greene has pledged to remain in the race and said he has “always been a Democrat.”

While Ludwig cautioned that the campaign is not jumping to any conclusions, he said the experts, who volunteered their services, have already uncovered some “curious” findings in the election data.

One potential red flag: A significant difference between the results of absentee and election day ballots.

According to Ludwig, of the state’s 46 counties, half have a disparity of greater than 10 percentage points between the absentee and election day ballots.
While I think that the idea of Greene being a Republican 'plant' is pretty weak, I will concede that it is very odd that a virtually literally unknown candidate could be a career pol by an 18-point margin.

Although, I suppose that strange things happen in politics...

Penn Point: On Rand Paul

Some great insight on Rand Paul -- and politicians in general.

Paul definitely got a bum deal with the coverage of his 'opposition' to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. While I too may disagree with the Republican candidate for Senate in Kentucky on some issues, I completely agree with Mr. Jillette when he says that politicians should speak their minds. Tell us what you believe, not what you think we want to hear.

Head nod: Doug

#9 – Iceland


In a unanimous vote of 49-0, Iceland’s Althingi parliament passed a law adding “man and man, woman and woman” to it’s marriage laws, sitting beside “man and woman”.

This makes Iceland, the only country in the world to have an openly gay head of state, the 9th country to legalize marriage equality.

Portugal, a heavily Roman Catholic country,  was added to the list recently and the first same sex marriages began this month. 

Besides Iceland and Portugal, the other countries are, Belgium, Canada, Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, Spain, and Sweden. Same sex marriage is also legal in Mexico City.

I've Got Problems

I hate that whale. And those f**king birds.

Yeah, I'm not having the best Friday ever...

Minority Report Computer In The Real World

Super cool computer stuff. Nerd alert.

Head nod: Kottke

09 June 2010

How Do You Treat Someone 'Like A Muslim'

The Catholic League's Bill Donohue, on a tear regarding Lady Gaga's new video for her single "Alejandro":
Like Madonna, Lady Gaga was raised Catholic and then morphed into something unrecognizable. “So I suppose you could say I’m a quite religious woman that is very confused about religion,” she told Larry King last week.

That she is confused is an understatement. In any event, we hope she finds her way back home. In the meantime, Catholics will settle for her treating us like Muslims.
Classy Bill. What the hell does that mean anyway? How does one treat someone 'like a Muslim'?

Head nod: Wonk Room

Quote Of The Day

"We recognize Iran's rights, but with those rights come responsibilities. And time and again, the Iranian government has failed to meet those responsibilities." -President Barack Obama, commenting on sanctions that the UN has levied against Iran.

Photo: Raheb Homavandi/Reuters

The Best Story To Come Out Of The Primaries

Alvin Greene. AP:
COLUMBIA, S.C. — An unemployed military veteran has stunned South Carolina Democratic Party leaders by winning the nomination to challenge Republican U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint.

Thirty-two-year-old Alvin Greene of Manning defeated 64-year-old Vic Rawl of Charleston in Tuesday's primary. Rawl is a former judge and legislator, who had about $186,000 cash available and had already scheduled a fundraising event for Thursday.

Greene raised no money in the contest, had no signs and no website.

Democratic Party Chairwoman Carol Fowler says she hasn't seen Greene since he filed to run. She says Greene will be a much weaker candidate than Rawl going into November against tea party favorite DeMint.

She says people who didn't know either candidate and voted alphabetically may help explain Greene's win.
My emphasis. What a great story.

Again, South Carolina does not disappoint...

The Creamy Center Wins The Night

I think that Charles Mahtesian's piece at The Politico sums up yesterday's primary election results quite nicely:
On the biggest primary night of the year so far, the wild 2010 plotline took a turn for the familiar: The political center — and the conventional politicians that gravitate there — showed some enduring power.

Yes, the barbarians are at the gate. They do indeed have pitchforks. But the forces of rebellion they represent are looking less potent on Wednesday morning than 24 hours before.
The question becomes this: will the Tea Party candidates that are left standing (namely Sharron Angle in Nevada) have a lasting impact on the Republican party? Or, as many are speculating, will the Tea Party simply be a political 'fad'?

For more on that thought, see Doug's post at Outside the Beltway...

08 June 2010

Thank You South Carolina, We Really Need This

Stewart gets into the really good stuff after the 3:15 mark...

Hard Wuerk

-M.Wuerker, Wuerking Drawings

For Your Consideration

With Conan O'Brien's impending show on TBS, that network has started a "For Your Consideration" campaign to try to garner the former-Late Show host an Emmy:
TBS, which signed Mr. O’Brien for a new late-night show to start in November, will begin a campaign Tuesday morning directed at Emmy voters.

In a series of ads that will begin to appear in Tuesday’s editions of the Hollywood trade paper Variety — the traditional spot where paid “for your consideration” notices are placed — TBS is asking Emmy nominators to remember Mr. O’Brien.


As incongruous as it may be to have a cable network urging an award for work done on a broadcast network, that might be topped if Mr. O’Brien does score an Emmy nomination. He would then be a prominent part of this year’s award ceremony, which will be broadcast Aug. 29 — on NBC.
I'm sure that the fact that the Emmy Awards will be broadcast on The Peacock Network will not be lost on NBC execs, should Coco win. Can you imagine the acceptance speech that he would give? Yowza.

Look, after the debacle that was the transition from Leno-to-Conan-and-back-to-Leno hosting the Tonight Show, I'm all for a 'W' in Conan's column. But The Daily Show is the powerhouse to beat. I think that, at this point, Conan is a long-shot.

The other ad after the jump....

That Mural In Arizona

Remember the issue with the mural in Prescott, Arizona? Check this out:

... and ...

Good for the school district to admit their mistake. Shame on the passing motorists who yelled racial epithets -- especially while there were kids helping to paint the mural. Gah.

Poll: Response To Gulf Oil Spill Worse Than Katrina

Americans think that the federal government has responded insufficiently:
A month and a half after the spill began, 69 percent in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll rate the federal response negatively. That compares with a 62 negative rating for the response to Katrina two weeks after the August 2005 hurricane.
So, the Obama administration is worse than the Bush administration in reaction to disasters like these? Really?

Two thoughts...

1) Katrina was a natural disaster the likes of which the contiguous 48 states has never (or at least very rarely) seen. When a natural disaster happens, who else is going to help with rescue efforts, clean up and rebuilding? There is an expectation that governments at the local, state and federal levels will bear some/all of the responsibility in the aftermath.

2) The Deepwater Horizon explosion was a man-made disaster. An accident to be sure, but why should the government be responsible to clean-up the mess made by a private, and extremely wealthy, corporation? Granted, if the government is able to help in some way by protecting private citizens and wildlife that might be in danger, it should. But I think that the bulk of the responsibility, both financially as well as in deed, rests with the private corporation.

Doug breaks out some great analysis in reaction to this polling as well:
[W]e are now in the 50th day since the Deepwater Horizon exploded and the crisis began and there’s still no realistic end in sight to either the undersea oil gusher or the environmental impact from the oil that’s already made it to the surface. More importantly, the oil spill has been the story for each of those past fifty days. For as bad as Katrina was, its immediate impact occurred over a much shorter period of time and by the time Day 50 since landfall came in mid-October 2005, the story was largely out of public consciousness. The longer this story goes on without a resolution, the worse the public mood is going to get.

The length of the crisis plays into the other factor at play here, which is the simple fact that the public’s expectations of what the Federal Government can do in response to the oil spill seem to be far higher than what the government can actually accomplish. We live in a world where people expect immediate results, but we’re dealing with a crisis that is going to take time to clean up. As long as the public has an unrealistic idea of what the government can do, and how quickly it can do it, they’re going to rate the government’s response poorly.
Whether or not this is fair is up for debate, but in the end, the Obama administration will be judged by their response to this crisis.

And BP will rise again and continue to rip Americans off at the gas pump.

Photo: President Obama delivers a statement on the oil-spill recovery efforts with state and federal officials May 28, 2010, in Grand Isle, La. Win McNamee/Getty Images


Powerful stuff.

Unsurprising Advice From Newt Gingrich

So is [former Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels] going to run for president? I asked him at the end of a long dinner in a pleasant, not-too-expensive restaurant on the north side of Indianapolis, and he did what he’s been doing for a year whenever interviewers ask the inevitable question—pursed lips, followed by a half-smile, a slight shake of the head, and the recitation of a long string of phrases nearly identical to the ones he used eight years ago when he denied he was running for governor. He has no intention to run, but he’s leaving the door open, but right now he’s focusing on the commitment he made to the people of his state, but if no one else steps forward it’s something he might be forced to consider, but he doesn’t expect that to happen, but .  .  .


At dinner Daniels admits as much. “Newt [Gingrich] told me, look, quit saying you’re not going to do this. If you don’t run, you don’t run. But say you’re leaving the door open, and the national press will pay a lot more attention to your viewpoint.”
Emphasis mine -- and you can see why. Newt is playing with everyone to sell books. ...and doing a damn good job of it too.

I had to sift through 10 pages of a 13-page article to find that gem. Geez.

Photo: Kevin Wolf/AP Photo

Quote Of The Day

"I had a lot of hope for Obama, but it's not panning out." -Shepard Fairey, the artist who created the iconic "Hope" poster for Barack Obama's presidential campaign.

Cartoon: Nate Beeler, The Washington Examiner

07 June 2010

What were they thinking?

You would think that with all the Church sex abuse scandals going around they could have found a far better picture to put on the cover of their magazine.

Head Nod: Joe.My.God

Really, Liz Cheney?

I haven't talked much at all about the clash between Israel and the Gaza flotilla that happened last week, largely because I'm grossly uninformed. But, this statement from Liz Cheney really got my hackles up:
Yesterday, President Obama said the Israeli action to stop the flotilla bound for the Gaza Strip was “tragic.” What is truly tragic is that President Obama is perpetuating Israel’s enemies’ version of events. The Israeli government has imposed a blockade around Gaza because Hamas remains committed to Israel’s destruction, refusing to recognize Israel’s right to exist and using territory under their control to launch attacks against Israeli civilians. The Israeli blockade of Gaza, in order to prevent the re-arming of Hamas, is in full compliance with international law. Had the Turkish flotilla truly been interested in providing humanitarian aid to Gaza, they would have accepted the Israeli offer to off-load their supplies peacefully at the Israeli port of Haifa for transport into Gaza.
So, what's the big deal, right?

Here's my problem with Cheney and the Keep America Safe PAC: they are essentially saying that loss of life is okay as long as it's not an Israeli or an American life that is lost. If you read the transcript, when President Obama used the word "tragic", he was clearly referring to the overall loss of life, not the 'Israeli action to stop the flotilla'. This is yet another example of someone who is criticizing the President for no good reason.

Look elsewhere in this whole ordeal; Obama has spoken about Israel's right to defend itself numerous times, rarely criticized any Israeli actions, and has not taken a clear stand on whether the administration wants meaningful international involvement in the probe of the whole affair. If you ask me, there's not much for conservatives to criticize there.

And yet, here is Liz Cheney, trying to find something -- anything -- about which she can criticize Barack Obama. Trying, perhaps, to please daddy a little too much.

All too often I hear people -- generally on the more progressive side of the aisle -- throwing around phrases like "Obama Derangement Syndrome" (ODS). And, while I think that this is a real affliction that some possess (see: The Birthers), someone like Liz Cheney is presumably smarter than that. Key word: presumably.

The way that I see it (and I'm sure many, many others as well), there are plenty of reasons to criticize this president and his administration: two wars with no foreseeable end in sight, health care, the economy, lack of transparency, etcetera, etcetera...

But not for Liz Cheney. She decides to take a different tack:
President Obama is contributing to the isolation of Israel, and sending a clear signal to the Turkish-Syrian-Iranian axis that their methods for ostracizing Israel will succeed, and will be met by no resistance from America. There is no middle ground here. Either the United States stands with the people of Israel in the war against radical Islamic terrorism or we are providing encouragement to Israel’s enemies—and our own. Keep America Safe calls on President Obama to reverse his present course and support the state of Israel immediately and unequivocally.
Really? The way that I see it, this attack is simply "either you're with us, or you're against us" dressed up in Jewish clothing. How is the President not supporting Israel? Honestly?

Why would someone who has so much political fodder from which to choose, go with such a flimsy -- and frankly asinine criticism?

Only one reason comes to mind: in this instance, Liz Cheney and the Keep America Safe folks are acting like media whores. Period. This may sound a bit rash -- hell, even I think it does -- but think critically about what they are doing...

The hot story last week, that pertained to foreign policy and security at least, was the skirmish between Israel and the Free Gaza Flotilla. What better time to get your pro-Israel message out to the media? None. What better time to baselessly attack the President as being unfriendly to Israel? None.

What real criticism of the President is there in this situation? None.

The Countdown

11 days until I head to the beach. No commentary needed. Just pure happiness.

Photo: sunrise at the Jersey shore / me

Quote Of The Day

“Fuck my victims. I carried them for twenty years, and now I’m doing 150 years.” -Bernie Madoff, according to K. C. White, a convicted bank robber who was also doing time at the federal correctional complex in Butner, North Carolina.

Photo-illustration: Peter Rad; props by Maeve Sheridan; casting by Impossible NYC

Tom Cruise: Best. Role. Ever.

The bit on the MTV Movie Awards last night was... okay. I prefer the longer, unedited and borderline disturbing portrayal of the aptly named Less Grossman from the movie "Tropic Thunder" (completely and utterly NSFW):

A Question Regarding South Carolina

The politicos at FirstRead ask:
Is South Carolina cementing its reputation as the “stink hole” of GOP politics? South Carolina's reputation for no-holds barred political combat was cemented after George W. Bush finished off John McCain in that brutal 2000 presidential primary contest. But this year's GOP primary for governor to replace the now-infamous philanderer, Mark Sanford, is taking nasty to a whole other level. State Rep. Nikki Haley -- the first Indian-American woman to hold office in the state – is now the front-runner in this four-person contest, despite accusations by two GOP operatives (none of which have been proven) that she committed adultery with him. What’s more, another GOP official referred to her (and to President Obama) as a “raghead.”
Umm, based on what I've seen in the past 18 months (with emphasis on the last week) I would have to answer YES to the initial question.

06 June 2010

Ben Roethlisberger: Second Chances

Don't disappoint us Big Ben. Seriously.

Sunday Morning Music

I've long been a fan of Incubus, although "Drive" (the video above) is not my favorite of their songs. However, the artistry in the video alone is quite striking (and drawn & animated by the lead singer, Brandon Boyd) as it is based on M.C. Escher's Drawing Hands.

Enjoy your Sunday.

05 June 2010

Saturday Morning Cartoon

Finish up those Chocolate Cheerios (yes, they exist) -- it's cartoon time!

04 June 2010

Quote Of The Day II

“We already got one raghead in the White House. We don’t need another in the Governor’s Mansion.” -South Carolina state senator Jake Knotts (R-Lexington), giving his freewheeling opinion about President Barack Obama and Republican Gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley.

Classy. This is the image that Republicans have to constantly battle.

On the upside, South Carolina politics never has a shortage of scandalous headlines!

Doh! (Nut Day)

Happy National Doughnut Day!

[I know -- I had no idea either. A co-worker tipped me off to this 'holiday'.]

President Obama's Interesting Ally

Texas Congressman Ron Paul. Yes. Him:
Rep. Ron Paul, the libertarian Republican lawmaker from Texas, said that people were expecting too much from the president in his ability to react to the ongoing spill into the Gulf.

“I’m a pretty big critic of the president,” Paul said during an appearance on “Imus in the Morning” on the Fox Business Network, “but I just don’t see the justification for coming down hard on the president.”

“I think it represents the idea that the American people think the president is everything to everybody that he should fix an oil leak,” Paul added.
And, as usual, I am in complete agreement with Dr. Paul.

Head nod: Doug Mataconis

Quote Of The Day

"[T]he best radio often doesn't come from the front page, it comes from life. It is neither liberal nor conservative and has nothing to do with Red or Blue States. The best radio originates from those everyday "Seinfeld" moments which everyone can appreciate, and about which all have an opinion. I have interviewed the last five presidents. I was the first radio host invited by the Obama Administration to come into the White House and interview the president live on the radio, carried in real time by MSNBC, FOX and CNN. But guess what -- nobody stops me on the street to ask me about those interviews. Instead, they will comment on past programs where I have raised such subjects as white vs. colored Christmas lights, how to eliminate stinkbugs, are women with tattoos are "players" (yes), do I need to shave my beard, and whether my wife and I were right to rescue our unhappy child from sleepover camp." -Michael Smerconish, in an "Answer This" interview with Politico's Patrick Gavin.

And herein you see why I loathe the likes of Limbaugh and Hannity...

Caption This

These posts rarely take-off, but I thought that this picture was -- umm, what's the word? -- AWESOME.

So, add a caption in the comments... DO IT.

Bill O'Reilly Compares Gays To Al Qaeda

Really? He does?

I'm no huge fan of O'Reilly's (that has been proven time and time again), but I'm not sure that I'm seeing the comparison that many in the gay community are making.

I will grant you that he is such a smug, smarmy guy that his joke about 'inviting al Qaeda next' came off really badly. But, I think that in the end it was just that, a joke. I would argue that anytime you want to make a funny, you probably shouldn't go after an entire segment of the population. But hey, it's his show, not mine (yet).


Nate Silver Gets His Due

Congrats to Nate Silver, whose is going to become part of the New York Times media empire:
The New York Times said Thursday that it would begin hosting the popular blog FiveThirtyEight and make its founder, Nate Silver, a regular contributor to the newspaper and the Sunday magazine.

Mr. Silver, a statistical wizard, became a media star during the last presidential election season for his political projections based on dissections of polling data. He retains all rights to FiveThirtyEight and will continue to run it himself, but “under the banner and auspices of,” The Times said in a news release.

The arrangement is similar to one The Times struck with the authors of the blog Freakonomics in 2007. The Freakonomics blog appears in the Opinion section of FiveThirtyEight content will be incorporated in the politics section of

Along with his contributions to the newspaper and The Times Magazine, Mr. Silver will also work with the journalists and software developers who create interactive graphics for
Note to media big-wigs -- we here at are available for huge-cashified-blog-to-old-media-deals. Oh sure, we're not quite on par with the quality presented at FiveThirtyEight...

Seriously though, congrats to Silver and his team. Good on 'ya!

Blumenthal Over McMahon In Connecticut

Despite McMahon's high visibility, and Blumenthal's penchant for, err, stretching the truth about his military service, it appears that likely voters in Connecticut prefer the latter:
A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in Connecticut finds Blumenthal with 56% support versus 33% for Linda McMahon, the officially endorsed GOP candidate. Four percent (4%) prefer some other candidate, and seven percent (7%) are undecided. McMahon has come under criticism recently as people have focused on her role in World Wresting Entertainment, a corporation that one conservative pundit compares to the Gulf oil spill as “a relentless gusher of pollution."

Blumenthal, the state’s longtime attorney general, earns 55% of the vote in a match-up with Wall Street investment banker Peter Schiff, who hopes to collect enough signatures by Tuesday to force McMahon into an August 10 primary contest. Given that match-up, three percent (3%) like another candidate, and nine percent (9%) are undecided.
Given the rise of social conservatism in recent years, it's not entirely surprising that McMahon would face some criticism from her own party. Exhibit A.

However, what is surprising is that this is Connecticut. The Constitution State, along with New Hampshire, is somewhat renown for it's streak of political independence. So, it is interesting to me that, despite Blumenthal's recent transgressions, Nutmeggers seem to prefer Blumenthal's untruthiness to McMahon's, umm, smack-down-iness.

This will likely continue to be a race to watch...

03 June 2010

What is it Bachman?

Heaven forbid I ever find myself stuck inside the head of Minnesota Republican Michele Bachmann.

In this first video from March 23rd, 2010, she is railing against “the government take over of health care.”

Now, in this second video from June 1st, she is demanding to know why the Obama Administration isn’t commandeering every boat it can get it’s hands on to fix the BP Oil disaster.

So which is it congresswoman? Are you for or against government takeovers, or is it that your in favor of government take overs when it’s convenient for you? It’s odd how people like her are Anti-Big Government until there is a crisis.

02 June 2010

Sex & The City Is The Same As Star Wars

An hilarious, and yet absurdly accurate look at the new Sex & The City flick by Tim Siedell:
First off, ladies, I get it. [Sex And The City is] your Star Wars. The opening credits make your tummy tickle the same way the Star Wars theme, to this day, gives me a boner. I understand. A pair of expensive shoes worn by Carrie is just like a metallic bikini worn by Princess Leia. Bonerfreakingopolis.

If I knew more about the actual characters of Sex and the City, I would be able to make more parallels. I do know Miranda is your C-3PO. That's obvious. Beyond that, I'd just be guessing. Which I can do, legally, because I'm a blogger. Carrie is your Luke. Charlotte is Han Solo. Samantha is Chewbacca. All men are Darth Vader. And I bet there are vibrators involved. Hello, R2-D2.

Now, I know they wouldn't be making movies if the television show wasn't a huge success. So I'm going to say the television show is like episodes 4-6 of the Star Wars saga. Those are the first three moves. The good ones. The originals.

Then I assume everyone associated with the show went their own ways and tried to get new roles and do different things but everyone just kept asking about more Sex and the City so they eventually gave in (needed cash) and went back to the well. Just like George Lucas and Star Wars.
Ouch. The truth hurts before it sets you free.

Read the whole thing. It is worth it.

The Elephant In The Room (UPDATED)

CQ gives us an interesting Nevada Republican senatorial primary ad:

It's an unusual spot that doesn't mention the names of Republican primary rivals Sharron Angle or Sue Lowden, but does use audio clips. The topic's also unusual: Electability.

The most recent polling in that primary shows that Chachas needed to do something dramatic to break through; he's running well behind the leading primary candidates.
Indeed. Ads like this might help Chachas, but he'll need to do more than quirky advertising to get widespread name recognition.

UPDATE:: Thanks to Nancy in the comment section -- we are now graced with an even more interesting ad. This one, from Sharron Angle:

'Drill, Baby, Drill' Exposed

See: the Tweet of the Day, earlier today. Okay? Now, read on...

Doug Mataconis takes apart Sarah Palin's 'Drill, Baby, Drill' philosophy. And how.
The obvious implication, of course, is that if we’d just listened to the “Drill Baby Drill” crowd, we wouldn’t have to worry about dealing with an oil rig disaster far out at sea under a mile or more of water (instead we’d be dealing with one close to the shore, but I digress).

The problem is that the Queen of the “Drill Baby Drill” chant never made a distinction between deepwater and other forms of drilling:
What is he talking about? Palin:
And we will develop clean-coal technology. And we will safely drill for the billions of barrels of oil that we have underground, including off-shore.
More Palin:
And whether Joe Biden approves it or not, we will develop clean coal technology and we will safely drill for the billions of barrels of oil that are warehoused underground, including our offshore sources.
...and yet more Palin:
It also means safely tapping into our offshore sources, safely, environmentally safe.
Sooooo... she supported more and more drilling of the offshore persuasion. But now, she conveniently leaves that part out of her Facebook-posts-as-political-statements.

I don't understand how anyone can take her seriously. Honestly. Can any supporters calmly and rationally explain to me why it is that you support this woman?

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