28 April 2009

Michele Bachmann Links Flu To Dems

More crazy from Minnesota's pride, Representative Michele Bachmann:

It was only a matter of time before the CDC discovered an outbreak of Michele Bachmann quotes.

Bachmann, speaking on Pajamas TV, noted: "I find it interesting that it was back in the 1970s that the swine flu broke out then under another Democrat president Jimmy Carter. And I'm not blaming this on President Obama, I just think it's an interesting coincidence."

The 1976 swine flu scare happened on Gerald Ford's watch.

We checked Wikipedia.

Ford was a Republican.
Seriously. Someone in the GOP leadership needs to have a serious sit-down with her before she says something really embarrassing.

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This term gets tossed around quite a lot, but in this case I mean it in every sense of the word. I honestly think Michele Bachmann is stupid. She has NO clue what she's doing.

She doesn't even pull off that she's crazy like Limbaugh and Beck do, she honestly comes off as being 100% pure-breed stupid.

I don't know when she's up for re-election but if she wins again I will be floored.

Your about 1 election cycle too late on that chit chat PJ.

No one will tell her anything. It's futile. Plus it's too fun to witness. You can't make her up.

BTW, she is not, I repeated, NOT, the pride of Minnesota. If you only knew the number of people that still vote for Paul Wellstone...

Do you think she will win again next time around EJ?

Yes, unless the DFL comes up with a significantly better candidate. The last two candidates were pretty awful. But the DFL will have more money next time so maybe they can just blitz the media and squeak by.

She fits the district pretty well, despite her frequent debacles. She is highly charismatic and she knows how to work up the emotions of a crowd while ignoring silly little things, like facts.

UPDATE: Michele Bachmann links dirty balls to scurvy.

I was shocked when Bachman was re-elected! I thought the republicans were smarter than that, but I was sure wrong! Bachman is making MN a laughing stock! Someone stop her!!

This woman is the best thing that ever happened to the Democrats and come to think of is Rush Slimebaugh.

What a couple of Morons.

Al Franken being elected Senator makes MN a laughing stock!

I've bounced around several blogs regarding this story, both pro- and anti- Michelle Bachmann, and find her supporters hilarious and her detractors spot on. One supporter even claimed she was elected by "millions". I doubt Minnesota's Sixth Congressional District is even populated by "thousands". I'm still scratching my head about her patriotism test for congress concept when she drops this bombshell about a Democrat/Swine Flu link roflmao. Has she looked into the Republican/Most Expensive Hurricanes In History link? The Republican/Most Expensive Economic Disasters In History link? The Republican/Most Devastating Blows To Human Rights and Civil Liberties link? Time to put that massive intellect to better use Michelle (Bachmann AND Malkin).

BTW, if michelle was re-elected by "millions" wouldn't that be voter fraud, the exact same thing the Republics claim got our President elected in the first place?

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