23 March 2009

'We've Got Trash In The White House'

Stay classy Tammy Bruce.  Maybe this is why you are the B-team for Laura Ingraham.

Look gang, you can disagree with Barack Obama (or Michelle I suppose) on a whole host of issues -- but what good does it do for your position to argue that the President and his wife are 'trash'? Honestly.

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That's just downright disgusting.

Speaking of bitter and clingy... oh the irony.

....still sore about losing the election....

I had to listen to this riff three times. Funny as hell!
What is it about pathetic white women who go ballistic about a beautiful, brilliant, popular black woman who is so many cuts above them in so many way - AND is the First Lady!!! Tammy, you poor white trash thing, you. You're right - trash cuts across all lines, as you so clearly prove.

I'd rather have trash than filth in the White House!!!

Now, isn't this Tammy Bruce just the definition of white Trash? How absolutely ignorant to attack Michelle Obama for giving an inspirational talk to young kids!

Tammy Bruce shame on you. You are the Trash!

Another bitter lesbian angry she was jipped a penis.

Radios,televisions and public appearances contracts for Tammy Bruce and Laura Ingraham should be terminate for insulting The President of the United States and The First Lady. This is what Ms.Bruce/Ms.Ingraham are teaching our children,students and families to speak this kind of language (Trash in the White HOUSE). I do not consider them as example of adults being role model of younger generations that use the internet,watch televisions and listen to the radios. Everyone knows what trash means and we do not need Ms.Tammy Bruce definition. ms.meter.

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