Debunking Ignorance, One Facebook Post At A Time

This notion that we should penalize the President for "cutting funding" for troops is just plain wrong. If you do want to blame someone, you have to look to your local Congressman or Congresswoman.

An Exercise In Professional Patience

Hey parents: when you take your son or daughter on a college visit, SILENCE YOUR PHONE. And, don't answer it when it (inevitably) rings. It's embarrassing to you -- but even more-so to your son or daughter.

Post-Election Secession Petition: Simple Nonsense

Does nobody else see the silliness in this? How can all 50 states secede from a union of 50 states? That would not be secession -- it would be dissolution...

What Now, Republicans?

Gone are the days of GOP victories that rely entirely on winning the white, Evangelical vote, as that demographic is no longer a majority in this country. Or, at least, is not a voting majority...

My 2012 Presidential Election Prediction

For the past week Americans have been seeing President Obama in the role of a leader, rather than a campaigner. Whether or not you like his policies is irrelevant ...

"Dude, Where Have You Been?"

The truth is I've been bored. Bored of the same-old rhetoric. Bored of the same-old campaign ads. I've simply been bored of politics. Since that is the primary focus of this site, I really didn't have much to say...

RIP MCA: What The Beastie Boys Mean To Me

To me, MCA's gravelly voice and smooth delivery of rhymes was preferable over the nasal Ad Rock or the percussive Mike-D. MCA seemed to be something of a personified conscience of the group ...

Americans Want To Cut Foreign Aid From The Budget

Clearly, Americans are no fan of foreign aid or (sadly) arts and sciences. But, I wonder, what percentage of the overall federal budget goes to foreign aid...

If You Aren't Christian, You Are Following A False Religion

To make the assertion that Christians and Jews worship the exact same same God (and everyone else is wrong) is stupid. Plain and simple...

14 January 2014

"Muppets Most Wanted" Makes Fun Of The Internet

How brilliant is this TV spot that aired during the Golden Globes on Sunday night? Awesome.

Head nod: /film

07 January 2014

Baby, It's Cold Outside. REALLY Cold.

Yes. Hello. Long time and all of that.

I'm taking a moment away from my (your?) workday to complain. About the weather. Shocking, I know.

It's cold outside. In case you are living under a rock, much of the United States is currently in the midst of a "cold snap". Or, if you are more dramatic, you might be calling it a "polar vortex".

Vortex? Really?

Yup. Apparently, that's an actual thing.

The photo above was taken this morning just before I left for work. It is a picture of the thermostat in my home. Do note the negative reading of minus five degrees (Fahrenheit).

So, for my friends in southern states (or Hawaii).... you suck.

That is all.

26 September 2013

"The Avengers: Age Of Ultron" Teaser Trailer (UPDATED)

UPDATE: As of 12:46pm EST, the video is fixed and working (until Disney snags this one as well).

Awesomeness. If you are unfamiliar with the Age of Ultron story, get caught up on your nerdosity here.

On a completely related note, TPW and I sat down last night to watch the pilot episode of "Marvel: Agents of SHIELD". Spoiler alert: it was awesome.

I had high hopes for the new ABC show when I first heard about it last spring. However, as with all-things-superhero, I was worried that they would "water down" the show for a more general audience. I was pleasantly surprised to see references to The Avengers movie, as well as several other Marvel properties.

The fact that Agent Phil Coulson (once again ably played by Clark Gregg) has returned was the not-so-secret part of the show that I enjoyed the most. Gregg does a great job of keeping the character light and funny, but also very serious about the important work that his team is doing.

Plus, his car is just badass.

I'm also anxious to get to know the rest of the team and find out what the mysterious references to "Tahiti" and Agent Coulson's recovery from the Battle of New York were all about.

I'll definitely keep coming back week after week to see what the team is doing.

04 September 2013

"Ask A Slave" Web Series

Brilliant. From the creator/actresses website:
A few years ago, after I graduated New York University, I returned to my home town in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area (or the DMV as it is affectionately termed) to start my life as an actor.


In the few years I lived in the DMV, I must have played every black woman of note that ever lived. From Harriet Tubman to Diane Nash to Claudette Colvin to Caroline Branham-- Martha Washington’s enslaved Lady’s maid. I liked to call myself the time-traveling black girl.

Studying American history and the lives of these women, while virtually living in their heads and experiences each day, made me feel like I was in some sort of twisted time warp. This was also the time of Barack Obama’s first term in White House and his subsequent run for a second term.

I ask you to remember the racial tension that was all around. We had people saying that the President would be planting watermelons on the White House lawn. Emails were forwarded proclaiming that this was the beginning of a race war and the end of the country as we know it. People bought guns. (A lot of guns.) A scientist reported the evolutionary explanation as to why black women were the least attractive of all the races. The Oprah Show ended. It was mass chaos.

And in the midst of all this, I was playing a slave. Everyday, I was literally playing a slave. I mean, I was getting paid well for it, don’t get me wrong, and we all need a day job. But all the same, I was having all these experiences, and emotions. Talking to 100s of people a day about what it was like to be black in 18th Century America. And then returning to the 21st Century and reflecting on what had and had not changed.
Currently, there are only two episodes online. However, the site says that new episodes will be released every Sunday.

29 August 2013

Anderson Cooper Puts Pat Robertson On The "RidicuList"

Oh Pat Robertson, you so crazy!


I have to say that Anderson Cooper does a nice job of calling Pat Robertson out on his comments without delivering what could have been a profanity-laced tirade. Good on ya Anderson.

28 August 2013

"I Have A Dream", Fifty Years Later

Is freedom ringing? Why? Why not?

27 August 2013

Back To School. Back To School. prove to dad that I'm not a fool.

Yup. That time of the year again. Back to school. My kids seemed ever so upset yesterday morning when we were leaving the house:


I suppose that I should consider myself lucky that my kids actually want to go to school. Enjoy it while it lasts, as it were.

20 August 2013

Shocking Hate Letter Sent To Family Of Autistic Child

Spoiler alert: this letter contains some strong vitriol and blood-curdling hatred towards a child...

click to embiggen
A family is in shock and a community has united after an anonymous hate letter was written about a young boy living with severe autism.

Karla Begley told CityNews her son Max, 13, stays with his grandmother in the morning during the summer time. It was at that home in Newcastle where letter was delivered on Friday.

“I was shaking when I was reading it,” Brenda Millson, Max’s grandmother, told CityNews. “It’s awful words. You don’t know why somebody would ever do such a thing.”

The typed, one-page letter refers to the young boy as a “nuisance” and a “wild animal” before suggesting the family move or “euthanize” the child.

Begley says the police have been contacted and should they have grounds, charges will be filed against the letter’s author.
Hit that link to see the video interview -- as if the image of the letter wasn't bad enough.

I originally found this story at a brilliant Facebook page called Checking Before Forwarding Dumb Emails, who summed it up best by saying, "We were hoping this was false.... but it appears to be true. This is so far over the top.... speechless."


12 August 2013

Ashton Kutcher's Speech On The Teen Choice Awards

I came across this very poor quality YouTube video of Ashton Kutcher accepting some award that is of no consequence on the Teen Choice Awards. It's worth watching.

I'll give you that the first 90 seconds are rough -- with all of the annoying screaming and all -- but push through it. Trust me.

I must admit that, prior to watching this video, if you had said to me, "hey dude, check out this video of Ashton Kutcher -- this guy is smart!", I would have told you that you were out of your damn mind. I've never like Kutcher, or much of his work.

I will freely admit that I now have a lot more respect for the guy. I'm not going to watch "Two And A Half Men" (that show is awful), but I had no idea that Kutcher was anything more than a "Punk'd" bit waiting to happen.

His three tenets -- Opportunity, Sexiness, and Living Life -- are spot-on. Particularly the bit about opportunity. Too many folks these days are "better than" certain things, especially jobs. "Opportunity looks a lot like work." Indeed it does folks. Indeed it does.

Kudos to you, Chris.

08 August 2013

Joe Scarborough And Rick Santorum Spar Over Drones

Far be it for Rick Santorum to actually agree with the Obama administration's policy on drone strikes (or any other policy for that matter).

Joe Scarborough is absolutely correct; the President's policy on terrorism is very similar to that of his predecessor.

Corporate Overlords

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